Give-back Project

HopeTown Every year, we contribute to a project that supports the less privileged in the community around ours. This year, after considering various options, we have decided that HopeTown in Ocean View will be the recipient of our Give-Back Project. HopeTown is an existing NGO with credibility and traction in Ocean View, our nearest community. They reach a number of children, older youth and some young mothers. The more funds they have, the more interns and youth leaders can be trained which increases the number of beneficiaries that can take part in HopeTown activities.

Some of the criteria considered to make our decision were:
  1. that the organisation would need to assist the community nearby. Ocean View, as our closest neighbour, would be ideal
  2. to have a management framework that will use the funds well
  3. to have been operational for some time with a track record
  4. to have an internal accountability system
  5. to be inclusive – that is, people can't be excluded from assistance based on religion, etc.
  6. to have our contribution make a difference to the lives of people, and reach the youth would be preferrable.

Visit HopeTown website for more information.